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Creatively expressing yourself with photos has long been popular on social media, but how do we express our health (and illness) with Instagram and other apps? As part of a student project, the Spoonie Living app gives you colourful and funky meme stickers to enable you to creatively express your health and illness which you can then share via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (!).

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The Spoonie Living app is a small project put together by PhD student Sam Martin. Sam has Celiac Disease, IBS and Arthritis, and is writing a thesis about how people with chronic illnesses such as Arthritis, IBS, ME, CFS and Coeliac Disease use social media to share experiences of their illness and find information. The Spoonie Living app was created to see if the use of illness and dietary related stickers would help individuals creatively express themselves in a slightly different way to general Meme images found on the internet. It is hoped that using stickers will help towards people creatively managing their illnesses on a daily basis.

If you’d like to take part in this project – click on one of the links above to download the app and try it out on your phone.  Please use the hashtag #spoonielivingapp when sharing any images you create on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. If you share via social media, I will only repost the image on the app’s Instagram page if you use the hashtag, or if I’d received express permission from you. Feel free to share your photos on the app’s internal “Wall of Fame” – the images you share here will remain anonymous, and will only be used for research purposes to look at how the stickers are used.  No names or other information will be shared publicly.

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