So, what’s a ‘Spoonie’?

The term ‘Spoonie’ was invented by Christin Miserandino to describe what it’s like to have an invisible illness, like Asthma, IBS, Celiac Disease, Arthritis and more. ‘Spoons’ are used to measure and describe how someone would manage the amount of energy they feel they have left to complete daily tasks when not feeling 100%. The hashtag #spoonie is really popular, and has been used just over 500,000 times on Instagram alone – it is mainly used by people with hidden illnesses to talk about their experiences daily. The aim of Spoonie Living app is to add to this experience with the use of creative stickers and see if this has a helpful/positive effect on people’s well-being.

Stickers in the app have been designed to help you quickly express how you’re feeling on a good or a bad day, and are illness (e.g. Spoonie) and diet specific (e.g. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegetarian, Fructose Free). Please feel free to DM me on Twitter/Instagram with any suggestions for new stickers (@spoonielivingapp), & I’ll be happy to add some new ones (and name them after you)! I can put all submissions on Instagram, and the most popular will feature in the next app update!