This is a PhD project right? So what happens to your data?

  1. I can only see your data if you share it with me (seriously, read more legal stuff below, and in the app).

    If you’d like to take part in this research, please very kindly use the hashtag #spoonielivingapp when you post through the app to Instagram or Facebook. Any awesome photos with hashtag #spoonielivingapp will be featured (with your permission) on the app’s Instagram page: or Facebook page: That way I get to see how creative you’ve been in using the app!

    Feel free to share your photos on the app’s internal “Wall of Fame” – the images you share here will remain anonymous, and will only be used for research purposes to look at how the stickers are used. ┬áNo names or other information will be shared publicly.

  2. But what about the rest of your data – is it private (I hear you ask)?

    The Spoonie Living app doesn’t collect any personal information, and cannot track your location, you, or even the type of stickers you use, or whether you post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.The only data seen is if you opt to make a user account on the app, and post your photo to the Wall of Fame. Even here, no personal information is collected, outside of the images you post. You can use any username you want, your email address is not harvested, can be deleted by you, and can only be used by you to remind yourself of forgotten password details.

    The only other information collected is standard app information such as how many downloads have been made via the app store.

  3. About Sam(!)

    You can find more about me and my research at: or, if you want to follow my photos on how I figure out how to manage symptoms of Celiac Disease etc. & write 80k words(!) of a thesis, follow me on Instagram @gray373